The Rose of Jericho, a Timelapse Wonder

Chris Higgins
YouTube / Neil Bromhall
YouTube / Neil Bromhall / YouTube / Neil Bromhall

The Rose of Jericho is a tumbleweed. It tumbles around the desert in a dried-up ball for months or years, but when it rains, we see why it's also called a resurrection plant: it unfurls and blooms, dispersing seeds.

Here's a beautiful timelapse video showing how the process works. Note that this was filmed by Neil Bromhall for the BBC series Africa, but was left on the cutting room floor; that helps explain its absurdly high production quality. Enjoy:

And here's video of another resurrection plant known as the Rose of Jericho (but not the same species as the above), filmed by Sean Steininger. There's a nice interview about this one explaining how it was made. Enjoy (and watch out for the end titles, they're a little jarring):

(Via MetaFilter.)