Tim Hortons Is Giving Away Enormous ‘Mom-Sized’ Iced Coffees This Mother’s Day

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If you’re a mom—or know someone who’s a mom—then you understand how tiring the full-time job of parenting can be. Sometimes, a large coffee just isn’t large enough to offset a restless night or help you power through a long list of errands, so Tim Hortons stepped in to help. As Yahoo Finance reports, the fast food chain will offer a “mom-sized” coffee this Mother’s Day, and it’s large enough to hold roughly half of a standard pot of coffee (6.5 cups).

All moms—and dog moms, too!—can get a free 52-ounce iced coffee when they ask to make it “mom-sized” at participating locations around Buffalo, New York; Columbus, Ohio; Toledo, Ohio; Detroit; and New York City this Sunday, May 12. And if you really want to make your mom happy, pick up some Mother’s Day-themed donuts while you’re at it. (Last year, the company's donut bouquets were a big hit.)

If you're in one of the cities mentioned above, check out the list below for the addresses of participating restaurants.

1700 Richmond Avenue, Staten Island, New York
45515 Michigan Avenue, Canton, Michigan
5989 Transit Road, East Amherst, New York
5035 Southwestern Boulevard, Hamburg, New York
89 West William Street, Delaware, Ohio
6815 West Central Avenue, Toledo, Ohio

If you don't live near a participating location, just know that you can buy the world's strongest coffee—Death Wish Coffee, which contains a whopping 708 milligrams of caffeine per 12-ounce cup—on Amazon.

[h/t Yahoo Finance]