11 Awesome Pieces of Movie-Inspired Merch You Can Buy

ThinkGeek / ThinkGeek

Movies don't have to end when the credits roll. Help bring their magic to your world with these 11 awesome pieces of merchandise you can own. Just be sure to wash those Hobbit socks—the floors of Mordor are filthy.

1. Hogwarts Alumni Sweater 


Muggles love to show off by wearing hoodies or sweatshirts bearing the names of their alma mater, but the wizards of Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and everybody’s favorite, Gryffindor, can show theirs off with pride in this Hogwarts Alumni sweatshirt from Etsy. Other wizards can commemorate their magical time at Hogwarts with this retro set of six posters featuring exotic locales like Hagrid’s Hut and Platform 9¾.

2. "BEACH CLOSED" Sign from Jaws

Last Exit to Nowhere

Warn people to stay out of the water, by order of Chief Brody and the Amity Island Police Department, by hanging up this near-perfect replica of the hand-drawn sign from Steven Spielberg’s Jaws. You won’t need a bigger boat, just £25 to get your hands on one.

3. Jules Winnfield’s BMF Wallet from Pulp Fiction


Buy yourself a Royale with Cheese with the money you put in this wallet, which is based on the one carried by Samuel L. Jackson’s character Jules in Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction.

4. Alien Chestburster/Facehugger plush

Forbidden Planet

Snuggle up to two of the most disgusting creations in cinema history—this time in plush doll form! Take your pick between the very cuddly Chestburster or the equally huggable Facehugger from Alien. If stuffed creatures aren’t your thing, you can get this highly detailed bottle opener in the shape of a Xenomorph’s head for just $15.

5. The Mondo 237 Collection

Mondo Tees

The folks over at Alamo Drafthouse’s collectibles brand Mondo Tees always think up the best geeky stuff for cinephiles, and their Room 237 Collection takes it to another level. Inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, they make sweaters, scarves, ski masks, and rugs in the same distinctive pattern as the carpets in the movie’s spooky Overlook Hotel. If you weren’t lucky enough to snag one of those, try to get a non-Mondo Room 237 gift set, which includes a map of the film’s climactic hedge maze and a photo of the July 4th Ball to remind you that you’ve always been there.

6. Steven Soderbergh’s Iconic Cinema-Inspired Shirts


Filmmaker Steven Soderbergh, himself an obvious movie nerd, started his own online shop that features unspecified and incredibly geeky t-shirt homages to some of cinema’s best. If you can’t recognize any on your own, we’ll give you some hints for a few of the best ones, like Sam Loomis’ hardware store from Psycho, Charles Foster Kane’s New York Daily Inquirer newspaper from Citizen Kane, the 18 LU 13 license plate on the car used to smuggle drugs in The French Connection, and the El Macondo apartment complex that Jack Nicholson’s character spies on in Chinatown.

7. Hobbit Socks


Ever want to lead the Fellowship of the Ring on an ill-fated journey to Mordor, or to guide a group of dwarves to retrieve a treasure guarded by an evil dragon, but don’t have the hairy Hobbit feet to pull it off? These Hobbit feet socks that feature faux-furry tops have got you covered. To make it all the more official, get yourself a replica of your precious Ring for the low, low price of $99.

8. Sankara Stones

Reel Art

Outfit yourself with the iconic fedora and go on an adventure for fortune and glory with this replica of one of the Sankara Stones from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, made with real gold flakes floating inside.

9. Flux Capacitor Charger

Think Geek

If you equip your car with this mini Flux Capacitor and get your engine up to 88 mph, it unfortunately won’t let you travel back in time (we think). Instead, it’ll charge two smartphones or tablets at once—and you won’t even need 1.21 gigawatts of power to do it!

10. Tauntaun Sleeping Bag

Think Geek

There are literally thousands of examples of Star Wars-inspired merch out there, but for our buck, none is more fun than getting caught outside on Hoth like Han and Luke and staying warm in this Tauntaun sleeping bag. It even features a plush lightsaber zipper pull to open the bag up. For the more diehard fans out there—not to mention ones with a lot of cash—try a life-size replica of Han Solo frozen in carbonite that costs a cool $7000.

11. Batman Cowl


Chances are, you probably couldn't afford the 100 percent street legal replica of the “Tumbler” Batmobile from Chrisotpher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy that went on sale early this year for $1 million. Never fear: You can still partake in excellent Dark Knight cosplay by getting this cowl, which was moulded from the one Michael Keaton wore in the 1989 Batman movie, for a mere $268.

Bonus: Stay Puft Marshmallows

Food Diggity

Though they’re no longer available, we wish we had gotten our hands on actual limited edition Stay Puft Caffeinated Gourmet Marshmallows a few years back. If they ever go on sale again—and if Gozer corners us on the top of Dana Barrett’s building—we definitely won’t think of Mr. Stay Puft, but we will think of getting some of these awesome marshmallows.