Visit Pyongyang! (Via Time-Lapse Promotional Video)

Nick Greene

As the seat of the Hermit Kingdom, Pyongyang remains mysterious to most Westerners. But thanks to two filmmakers, you can now watch a little over three minutes worth of scenes from the North Korean capital's broad avenues, ornate, Moscow-like subway stations, and beyond.

"Enter Pyongyang" is produced by JT Singh and Rob Whitworth, who were taken around the city by Koryo Tours, a North Korean travel company. While the filmmakers insist they were given "complete editorial control," they "were not allowed to shoot any construction sites, undeveloped locations or military personnel."

The resulting time-lapse film is beautiful and appropriately distant.

The brief and triumphant shot of the Ryugyong Hotel stands out. Observed from far away, the glimmering pyramidal tower is a sight to behold. Of course, the building was never actually completed and has reportedly been unoccupied and completely empty since 1989.

The skatepark, however, seems very lively.

[Via Yahoo!]