Please Don’t Welcome Them to the Stage

These band names are just terrible.


“Your Move, Chief”

The bench where Robin Williams delivered a brilliant speech on life and love in Good Will Hunting was quickly turned into a memorial.


The Bard Stand-Up

Williams puts on a grand performance of the lost Shakespeare play So That’s the Way You Lick It.


Don’t You Hate When People Talk This Thhhhhhhhhhiiiiiisssssss?

BBC News Magazine explores the unstoppable march of the upward inflection.


Found You

Some (most?) kids are just plain awful at hide-and-seek. Count my kids among them.


That’s Unpossible

Enjoy some of Ralph Wiggum’s many fine moments.


Having Lunch in the Ramesses Tomb

Just one of the fascinating pictures taken by the photographer that documented the discovery of King Tut.