Antenna Repair

Nick Greene
YouTube / YouTube

Recently, both the Willis (née Sears) Tower and the John Hancock Center in Chicago installed amusement park-like features to their observation decks. The Willis has the "Ledge," a glass box that rolls out from the 103rd floor, giving tourists that unique feeling of being in an aquarium dropped from a cargo plane. The Hancock recently introduced "Tilt," a line of windows that thrust forward and out, allowing visitors to gaze down at the streets 1,000 feet below.

Of course, you can always get your kicks the old fashioned way: by becoming a highly-trained skyscraper antenna repairman. Last week, two workers climbed 500 feet above the thrill-seeking tourists at the John Hancock's "Tilt" attraction to the top of the building's west antenna. They filmed their workday perched 1,506 feet in the air, and the resulting video is breathtaking:

In case you were wondering how they got up there, check out this video from last year showing the staggering ladder climb:

[via Curbed Chicago]