Grow Microgreens at Home With This Sleek Countertop ‘Farm’

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You don't need farming skills or even yard space to grow fresh greens at home. With MicroFarm, an indoor garden kit raising money on Kickstarter, you can cultivate microgreens on your countertop in about a week. All you have to do is provide water, paper towels, and an outlet for the grow-lamp.

There are many indoor gardening systems out there designed to grow various herbs, fruits, and vegetables at home, but this product is specifically made for microgreens. Microgreens are young plants that are bigger than sprouts but haven't yet fully matured. These greens can come from the seeds of many different plants, including radish, broccoli, dill, parsley, and beet.


Microgreens are popular among home gardeners because they're easy to grow indoors. They're also nutritious, often packing even more vitamins and minerals than the same plant that's fully grown.

MicroFarm makes cultivating microgreens on your kitchen countertop as close to effortless as possible. Just line the tray with damp paper towels, sprinkle on the seeds, and leave it to grow beneath the LED light for seven to 10 days, spraying the paper towel base with water periodically throughout the week. When the greens are ready to harvest, just snip off the tops and add them to your salads, smoothies, sandwiches, or whatever else you've prepared.

A MicroFarm kit is now available from Kickstarter for a pledge of about $99 or more. For a pledge of $122, you'll also receive a year's supply of microgreen seeds.