This Self-Drying, Antibacterial Dish Rack System Keeps Counters Mold-Free

Dorai, Kickstarter
Dorai, Kickstarter / Dorai, Kickstarter
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After washing the dishes in the sink, setting them someplace damp to dry can feel like undoing all your hard work. Pads, towels, and trays help collect excess dishwater, but unless you're sanitizing them after each use, they can quickly become breeding grounds for bacteria. The Dorai self-drying dish rack and pad system solves this problem with a special material that absorbs and disperses old dishwater while preventing mold from growing on your countertop.

Since launching on Kickstarter on May 14, the product has raised nearly $50,000 in funding. The two-tier dish-drying system uses the same technology as the Dorai's previous antibacterial creation, the Dorai bath mat. Diatomaceous earth (a.k.a. fossilized algae) built into the silicone mat attracts and binds any bacteria the moment it gets wet. The millions of pores in the matter allow the water to evaporate quickly, and the microbes dry out and die.

Beyond the innovative drying pad, the Dorai dish rack can come with several accessories that make washing dishes less of a chore. Padded hooks on the side provide spots for cups, bottles, and glasses to dry. There are also spaces to fit your cutting board and a knife block so you can protect your cutlery as it dries. And if you ever need to move the dish rack from its spot on your counter, the pad folds up and the rack itself collapses.

The Dorai dish rack and pad without the add-ons are now available for a pledge of $110 or more on Kickstarter. If you want to include the bonus accessories in your purchase, you can pledge $125 or more. Shipping is estimated for December 2019.

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