Do the Right Thing, 25 Years Later

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In the summer of 1989, Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing hit theaters. Filmed entirely on one block in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, the film is a masterpiece, and it resonates today just as strongly as it did the summer of its release. (I re-watched it last week and only then realized, oh yeah, it's been 25 years since this came out.)

Last month, Spike Lee and a bunch of Do the Right Thing cast and crew returned to that block in Bed-Stuy to make a short documentary and have a block party. Check it out below. Note: there is some PG-13 language in this video, mostly in clips from the original film. It's also, obviously, full of spoilers for the film. And let's just say a very special musical guest shows up towards the end.

If you haven't seen the film lately, you can stream it online for three bucks at pretty much all the streaming services. It's extremely relevant viewing, a quarter century on.

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