Turn Your Pool Party Into a Pizza Party With This 8-in-1 Float

Overstock / Overstock
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Some pool floats are meant for lounging in solitude, but if you plan on opening up your backyard swimming pool to guests this summer, you'll need an accessory that's built to cater to a crowd. This inflatable pizza pie available on Overstock.com and Amazon has enough room for everyone at your pool party.

This giant pizza is really eight floats in one. Each pizza slice is the perfect size for a single rider. You can throw all the floats into the pool at once to enjoy quality time with friends, or grab a single slice and nab a corner of the pool just for yourself.

The pizza comes with an inflated, pillowy crust (perfect for resting your head), and is decorated with a variety of colorful toppings. There are even cup holders hidden among the mushrooms and pepperonis where you can set down your drink.

The inflatable pizza pool toy is now available to order from Amazon for $122. If you don't have eight friends willing to share a pie with you, you can also purchase the slices individually on Amazon or Overstock.com.

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