A Penguin Slapfight

I bet you haven’t seen one of those today.


Terribly Stupid Toys

Count yourself lucky that your childhood never included any of these pointless action figures (Part 1 & Part 2)


Nearly Hitler’s Killers

Seven decades after a failed attempt on Adolf Hitler’s life, the families of the would-be assassins speak.


It’s A Saaaaaaaadder Day...

Don Pardo, the legendary voice of SNL, has passed away at the age of 96. Here is a post we did a few years back on his birthday.


That’s One Way to Spend Money

A Ferrari just became the highest priced auction car ever, selling for $38 million.


When Is Stealing Not Stealing?

When it's fair use. Well then what are copyrights for? And trademarks? Let Hank Green sort it all out for you.


The Potato Salad Payoff

The man who turned a hankering for some spud salad into a fortune on Kickstarter is planning a whole event now called PotatoStock—and it will benefit a good cause.