Pop Chart Lab has turned their focus towards the open road for their latest poster. The colorful collection features 108 classic American motorcars and automobiles dating from 1895 up through 2014. The original 1901 Oldsmobile is there, as is 1955's Cadillac Coupe Deville. Check out the stylish "Tin Lizzie" Ford Model T and the iconic Ford Mustang. The creative team had been looking for an in to covering cars for a little while and the "all American" angle proved to be the perfect fit.

Pop Chart Lab

"After that," the team reports, "it was a matter of picking 100+ notable/iconic cars—still no easy task, given the rich history of the U.S. auto industry!" There were some tough cuts to make, and one in particular stands out. "Over the course of our research, we made some surprising discoveries, most notably that the DeLorean is technically Irish-made, meaning we sadly couldn't include it. Some people in the office were pretty upset about that!"