Fewer Than 1 Percent of People Can Spot the Missing Piece in These Picture Puzzles

Michele Debczak
iStock/Deagreez / iStock/Deagreez

Many picture puzzles challenge viewers to spot a hidden object in a scene. The brain teasers below, created by Buzz Bingo, work a bit differently: Instead of finding the part of the photograph that doesn't belong, you need to choose the image fragment that fills in the missing piece.

Buzz Bingo asked 2000 UK adults to complete the mind puzzles in the interactive quiz below. The challenge features 10 puzzles in total, each with a 10-second timer. Every photo has a small piece missing from it, and players have to select which of the four extreme close-up images included below it completes the scene. The test gets harder as it goes, with the missing shapes progressing from simple squares to jigsaw puzzle pieces.

According to Buzz Bingo, less than 1 percent of people managed to solve all 10 puzzles. Even if you guess more than half correctly, that still places you above most players: Four out of 10 was the most common score.

To see how you stack up, click on the box below. You can find even more challenging brain teasers here.

Puzzled Out by Buzz Bingo