The Pit of This Giant Avocado Pool Float Doubles as a Beach Ball

Sunba Youth, Amazon
Sunba Youth, Amazon / Sunba Youth, Amazon
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If you're the type of person who could eat avocado toast for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, this pool float may be your perfect summer accessory. The giant inflatable avocado is built for lounging in the pool on hot days, and when you're ready to get up and move, the pit acts as a detachable pool toy you can play with.

At 65 inches tall and 51 inches wide, the avocado raft is the ideal shape and size for sunbathing in your backyard pool. It holds up to 600 pounds, so as long as you're willing to share your relaxation time, you can make room for a friend.

Just like a regular avocado pit, the ball in the center slides out easily, giving you plenty of space to stretch out. You can set the accessory aside as you relax or toss it around with friends. Measuring 18 inches wide, the "pit" is the same size as a beach ball.

The giant avocado pool float is now available on Amazon for $22. If you're looking for more culinary pool toys to add to your collection, this pizza pie float can hold up to eight people.

Sunba Youth, Amazon

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