How Wildlife Photographers Use "Spy Creatures"

Vimeo / Getty Images
Vimeo / Getty Images / Vimeo / Getty Images

In this short film, wildlife director John Downer explains how wildlife filmmaking has changed in recent years with the advent of miniature cameras. The craziest part starts around 3:30, when he begins a discussion of animatronic camera-bots, which are basically cameras in remotely operated pseudo-animal bodies. Downer calls them "spy creatures." There's a Spy Tuna, a Spy Turtle, a Spy Clam, various Spy Dolphins, a Spy Penguin, you name it. Nature photography combined with bizarro robots? Sign me up!

If you've ever wondered how modern filmmakers get wildlife shots without disturbing wildlife, take six minutes and enjoy this:

Makes me wonder if there's a Spy Cat filming me right now.