Nicholas Felton's Quantified Life

Chris Higgins
YouTube / The New York Times
YouTube / The New York Times / YouTube / The New York Times

Nicholas Felton measures his life not with coffee spoons but with sensors and apps. Every year, he uses the data he collects about himself to issue annual reports illustrating aspects of his life. For instance, in 2012, he used a custom iPhone app that surveyed him throughout the day, resulting in surprisingly rich data sets like what, and how much, he drank all year (major categories include beer, wine, coffee, and juice...with detailed breakdowns within each).

In this short video from the New York Times, we get a taste of what Felton's life is like—and can reflect on what it means when our lives are measured by ourselves and others:

You can read a bit more from the New York Times and check out his reports (he sells prints; many of the reports are beautiful).