Music Made From the Sounds of Machinery

Rebecca OConnell

With today's technology, anything can be transformed into an instrument. An increasing number of musicians are using found sound to push the limits of what music can be. Electronic musician Matthew Dear has teamed up with GE Acoustics Engineer Andrew Gorton to create something really novel: Together, they recorded sounds from a number of different machines, including airplane engines, locomotives, and power turbines, and turned it into a song: "Drop Science" aims to showcase these amazing man-made sounds. 

According to GE's Fabian Dawson, every machine has a sound that is uniquely its own. Engineers monitor the noises to make sure everything is running smoothly. By listening for problems, they can deduce things they otherwise would not have been able to see. Dear takes these individual and important sounds, and makes them harmonious. The industrial clicks and beeps that the musician experiments with give his track a futuristic feel that you can't replicate with traditional instruments.

You can listen to the new track below or watch the short documentary here.