This summer, show off your fandom the cool way: with a pool float. Below are eight pop culture-themed inflatables we love, from Marvel rafts to Finding Nemo floats.

1. Star Wars Millennium Falcon Float; $22

SwimWays, Amazon

There's no need to fear the Dark Side (or the deep end) while floating on this raft. Celebrate the December release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker a few months early with this 5-foot-long, 3.8-foot-wide inflatable starship.

Buy it: Amazon

2. Star Trek Captain's Chair Float; $59

Big Mouth Toys, Amazon

You can feel like the captain of your pool in this 4-foot-wide chair float worthy of James T. Kirk himself.

Buy it: Amazon

3. Dragon Party Tube; $20

GoFloats, Amazon

Channel your inner Daenerys while chilling out on this 4-foot-wide, 2-foot-tall dragon pool toy from GoFloats. You can choose from two designs: Fire Dragon or ;Ice Dragon. There's also a smaller version for kids available for $15.

Buy it: Amazon

4. Marvel Comic Book Float; $25

SwimWays, Amazon

Marvel fans can now lounge on their favorite heroes with this 5-foot-long comic book-themed float. Designs featuring other beloved superheroes like Captain America and Spider-Man are also available.

Buy it: Amazon

5. Batman Logo Float; $20

Edge Brands, Amazon

If you're more of a DC Comics person, this 5-foot-wide Batman float is perfect for you.

Buy it: Amazon

6. Blue Wave Clown Fish Float; $18

Blue Wave, Amazon

Make like Nemo and just keep swimming on this 5-foot-long ride-on pool float.

Buy it: Walmart or Amazon

7. Super Mario Kart Float; $24

Nintendo, Amazon

This Mario Kart bumper boat can bring your favorite video game to life in the pool. Just make sure to watch out for any errant shells or banana peels.

Buy it: Amazon

8. Jurassic World Float; $40

Coconut Float, Amazon

Who says a T-rex can't swim? This durable float will make you feel like you are on Isla Nublar with your favorite dinosaur.

Buy it: Amazon

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