Elderly People React to Oculus Rift

Hannah Keyser
TheFineBros, Youtube
TheFineBros, Youtube / TheFineBros, Youtube

After asking a group of game elders to test out Google Glass, the Fine Brothers upped the ante on futuristic technology of today and showed them Oculus Rift, a virtual reality device (and not a rock group like one lady assumed). The elders had no idea what they were dealing with. "I'm not going to electrocute myself, am I?" one asked.

Many thought it was a protective mask of some sort—for space or snorkeling or war or for preventing spread of the Ebola virus—while some thought it might be a mind control device. One compared it to old-school Viewfinders.

Once the device was turned on, all of the elders loved exploring the virtual villa in Tuscany. "It's like you're there!" One woman commented. But things got a little dicey at the amusement park. Sure, the roller coaster isn't real, but as one lady shrieked, "My stomach doesn't know that!" Despite some run-ins with motion sickness and a-little-too-real-for-comfort horror experience, they all expressed amazement at how far technology has come in their lifetimes.