This New App Provides Creative Way to Communicate

Rebecca OConnell /

When texting or calling just won't do, there is Somebody™the new app created by Miranda July and the New Museum. The program is a creative new way to reach out to friends and family that brings strangers into the mix.

Here's how it works: You want to send a message to a friend, but instead of directly going to your recipient, your message will go to another Somebody user who is nearby. The user will then relay the message for you. It's a lot like reading a text out loud to a friend ("Mike says hi"). You can also choose actions like giving hugs or high fives. 

The app uses GPS and photographs to help users track down the recipient. From there, they introduce themselves as the sender before delivering the message. If no one is in the area, users can "float" the note until somebody picks it up.

The app is fun because it brings random people together. Can you imagine telling your friend big news via text and then a random person gives you a high five and congratulates you?

The creator will be talking about this awesome app on October 9 at the New Museum.