An Adorable Bookcase Assembly

Chris Higgins
YouTube / frank howarth
YouTube / frank howarth / YouTube / frank howarth

In this video, animator/woodcrafter Frank Howarth creates four bookcases...but Howarth is nowhere to be seen in the shop. He animates the whole thing in stop-motion, deleting himself from the video while the shelves seem to self-assemble.

He shows the various steps of cutting wood, assembling the shelves, clamping/gluing things, staining them, and even shelving the books. It's adorable and just a touch insane. Howarth wrote, "I shot approximately 11,700 frames for this animation and used roughly 6,400 of them. I worked on this project intermittently from the 5th of January to 1st of March, 2014." Make this fullscreen and prepare to be charmed:

Howarth has blog about woodworking and an immensely helpful YouTube channel.

(Via Devour.)