John Kricfalusi changed the face of cartoons when he created Ren & Stimpy.


The Future of Science Education

Everything you knew in your school science class is now better. No need to dissect a real frog, make a science fair presentation board or stare at that poster of the periodic table.

Also: Here are eight pop culture periodic tables, eight creative periodic tables, and nine strange periodic tables.


That’s Not the Same Movie

Cracked runs down six examples of that phenomenon where the trailer for a movie doesn’t resemble the actual film itself.


A Good Old Time

Go inside the world’s most rowdy, raucous retirement village.


A Penny Saved

This app rounds up every one of your purchases and invests those pennies in the stock market.


How Many Have You Seen?

Bill Hader made a list of 200 movies every comedy writer should see. How many have you seen?


I’m Ashamed to Share This

These may be the most dad joke-y of all of the world’s dad jokes. I need to get these into the hands of my father-in-law pronto. I especially like #19.(Via Imgur.)