Kids Eat Vegemite, Freak Out


I'm very fond of telling the story about the time my World Cultures teacher, Mr. Achenbach, tricked my class into eating vegemite, Australia's favorite spread. He put a generous helping on a cracker, shoved it in his mouth, and proclaimed loudly, "I love it! It's so delicious!" as we passed the jar around the room, slathering vegemite on our own crackers. When we each had one, we ate it at the same time ... and reacted with horror. That stuff was disgusting. Mr. Achenbach spit out his own cracker, now yelling "Isn't it gross? I actually hate this stuff!" over the noises of my class coughing, groaning, and otherwise freaking out. 

So I can totally relate to the kids trying vegemite in the Fine Brothers latest React video. They are very wary of the stuff from the get-go, assuming it's smelly chocolate pudding or "nutella that's weird." One girl even guesses it's poop (then says, "it's poop?!" when no one corrects her). They say it smells like bread—not a bad guess; vegemite is made from brewer's yeast—or teriyaki sauce.

But their reactions, as you'll see, are absolutely the best.

Oh, kids, I have been there