Channel Your Favorite Stranger Things Characters With This Eggo Card Game

Hasbro, Walmart
Hasbro, Walmart

Stranger Things and its nostalgic vibes have inspired various toys that’ll make you wish the era of shoulder pads was back. In addition to Stranger Things-themed Dungeons & Dragons and Lego sets inspired by the show, fans have the option of playing a delicious Stranger Things card game.

In a nod to Eleven’s love for frozen waffles, Hasbro Games released the Stranger Things Eggo Card Game, a multi-player activity which includes 106 Eggo and seven character cards, each in the shape of a familiar waffle treat.

The game goes like this: Participants choose to play as characters Eleven, Mike, Will, Dustin, Lucas, Hopper, or Barb (although it’s a shame bat-wielding Steve Harrington isn’t an option). The ultimate objective is to get rid of all your Eggo cards before the Demogorgon gets you, kind of like a sort of sci-fi version of Uno. But players beware: Opponents have the option of adding cards to your hand, vanquishing you to the Upside Down, reversing the order of the game, or summoning the Demogorgon themselves. The game can be played between two to six people, and is suggested for ages 14 and up.

'Stranger Things Eggo Card Game' pieces featuring character images
Hasbro, Walmart

Games and toys aren’t the only commercialized aspect of the show. Pop-up bars geared towards fans have previously appeared in cities like Boston and Chicago, featuring specialty cocktails such as “Eleven’s Eggo’s,” and decor reflecting Joyce Byers’s alphabet wall. Burger King recently launched an Upside Down burger in advance of the season 3 premiere, and Coca-Cola has decided to bring back New Coke. And for those of fans itching to bust out their scrunchies and tube socks, there are also plenty of upcoming Stranger Things dance parties—complete with favorite '80s hits to bop to.

Buy the Stranger Things Eggo Card Game at Amazon or Walmart for $9, then catch the new season of Stranger Things when it returns to Netflix on July 4.

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See What a Trailer for The Empire Strikes Back Might Look Like in 2020

Do or do not watch this trailer. There is no 'try.'
Do or do not watch this trailer. There is no 'try.'
Lucasfilm Ltd.

Special effects, cinematography trends, and acting styles may have changed over the last 40 years, but Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (1980) remains one of the most beloved film sequels—even among younger generations of Star Wars fans—to this day.

The trailer, on the other hand, seems pretty outdated, mainly due to the voiceover narration that expels lofty phrases like “an epic of romance, of heroes and villains,” and “a galactic odyssey against oppression.” To see what The Empire Strikes Back would look like with today’s trailer standards, YouTube user AD_edits created a new one, which relies on dialogue from the film itself to set the stage for the galactic odyssey against oppression.

As Nerdist points out, AD_edits’s trailer also manages to hint at important plot points without giving too much away, like mentioning that Luke must find a great Jedi master without revealing Yoda’s identity. The original, meanwhile, contains a couple outright spoilers—it shows, for example, Darth Vader sitting at the head of the table in Cloud City, waiting to ambush Han Solo and Princess Leia. Viewers might not have realized the significance when they saw the split-second clip in the trailer, but it would probably ruin the surprise when they watched the actual film.

Of course, there was always the possibility certain parts of the trailer could’ve ended up on the cutting room floor before the movie hit theaters, which has definitely happened before. The Cloud City scene made the final cut, but some storylines from earlier in the filmmaking process weren’t so lucky—in fact, most of the first draft for The Empire Strikes Back was completely scrapped. Find out about Darth Vader’s gargoyle-filled castle, Han Solo’s stepfather, and other axed ideas here.

[h/t Nerdist]