Take Your Journal to the Next Level with This Bullet Journal Expansion Card

Tinkershop Creative
Tinkershop Creative / Tinkershop Creative
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Earlier this year, Tinkershop Creative debuted the Original Sketchmark on Kickstarter, giving everyone with a notebook the opportunity to become the ultra-organized journaler of their dreams. The bookmark-shaped card featured a protractor, pie chart guide, ruler, compass, and more, making it perfect for artists, architects, or regular people who love geometry.

Now, the design studio is back with the BUJO Expansion Card, designed especially for bullet journalers. The card includes three features—alphabet stencils, journal icons, and a monthly tracker—intended to help you structure your bullet journal in a clear, personalized, and appealing way.

The alphabet stencils will ensure that your section titles and dates stand out from the bullets beneath them, and best fit between two vertical rows of a 5-millimeter-by-5-millimeter grid journal. The unique punctuation mark next to the “9” on the card can be stenciled out as a question mark, exclamation point, or period.

If you rank efficiency highly on your bulleted list of values, you’ll love using the journal icons to categorize each task or section. Seven icons depict basic shapes (triangle, circle, square, heart, star, drop of water, and check mark), and the other three are more specific. The speech bubble can denote any communication-related item: phone calls, emails, meetings, etc. The shopping cart is perfect not only for shopping lists, but also bills, loans, and other financial items. Color in the tiny gym weight stencil at the top of your exercise plan for each day, or use it to mark the days when you successfully dragged yourself to the gym.

The monthly tracker consists of a table with 35 small boxes underneath two rectangular title boxes, so you can stencil out each month in the year and mark birthdays, vacations, or both National Doughnut Days. The tiny dots on top of the title boxes are alignment points, so you can make sure your titles are exactly centered; for example, stop tracing the box when you hit the middle of the three-dot alignment point on either side if you’re adding a three-letter title.

Tinkershop Creative

When you’re ready to take a break from bullet journaling for the day, just leave your Expansion Card on the page to bookmark your place.

The BUJO Expansion Card is available for $12 on Kickstarter, or you can buy it with the Original Sketchmark for $20. Delivery is estimated for August.

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