Stranger Things Star Francesca Reale Explains How They Shot a Key Season 3 Scene

Rachel Murray, Getty Images for Netflix
Rachel Murray, Getty Images for Netflix / Rachel Murray, Getty Images for Netflix

Warning: This story includes spoilers for Stranger Things season 3.

Stranger Things finally returned for its third season this week, after almost two years of waiting. Thankfully, the new episodes were definitely worth the long break, and it looks like most of us are just beginning to process what we saw. One thing we can probably all agree on: David Harbour was right when he said the only word to describe the season is "epic."

One of the show's more shocking moments occurred in the first half of the season, when we saw Eleven using her powers to try and figure out where Heather the lifeguard was. Although Max warned Eleven that she might see weird things when she went into the Void to find Billy Hargrove, the telepath certainly was not ready for what she saw when conjuring up his missing coworker. In the scene, Eleven sees a bathtub of ice and cautiously walks up to it, only to be terrified when Heather pops up and begs for her help. Almost instantly, however, she is pulled back underwater and cannot be saved.

Francesca Reale, the Stranger Things newcomer who plays Heather, just dished on how they filmed that intense scene, and how great it was to have Millie Bobby Brown (who plays Eleven) there with her. Reale told CinemaBlend:

"It's so interesting, because people have been asking what was my favorite part of shooting, and that was actually one of my favorite parts but I haven't been able to talk about it. It's such a big spoiler. But we had to do it on two different days and there was this day where it was just me literally in a tub, just drowning myself essentially. It was all these fake silicon ice cubes, and believe me those were like sand and found their new homes literally everywhere on my person. My hair! Everywhere. It was essentially just me and Millie [Bobby Brown] just yelling at each other and me drowning myself. And Millie was such a sport because she had just come back from her knee injury at the time. She was such a sport for being there and actually acting with me instead of using a double, because she knew it would be more helpful for me."

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