Shaking the Cherry Tree

Chris Higgins
YouTube / mate7321
YouTube / mate7321 / YouTube / mate7321

If you've ever harvested cherries, you know it's a hassle—the fruit can be high up, it's always small, and it's generally hard to handle. So here's a video showing the smart way to harvest cherries: by shaking the whole tree.

While this five-minute video is literally just showing a fruit harvest (with no narration or other production touches), it's great. You see how a tarp is rolled out under the tree, how the tree is shaken, how the cherries are collected and sorted, and how quickly the whole operation moves from tree to tree. There is a weird satisfaction when the crew attaches their shaking arm to the tree, performs a light shake, and it rains cherries for two seconds. Now I want cherries.

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(Via The Kid Should See This.)