This Cube-Shaped Pillow Helps Your Neck Get a Good Night's Rest

Pillow Cube
Pillow Cube / Pillow Cube
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Getting a good night's rest isn’t just about finding the right mattress and sheets—it's also about having a well-designed pillow. Pillow Cube, now raising money on Kickstarter, promises to act like a bed ... but for your head.

Pillow Cube

The cube shape isn’t just for the sake of having a unique design—it's aimed to fit the space between your head and shoulders perfectly. Since that space is basically a square, the Pillow Cube can fit right in. Pillow Cube claims to properly support your head while keeping your spine in alignment, while rounder pillows tend to bend people’s necks, making it uncomfortable to rest.

Designed with high-rebound foam, hypoallergenic and antimicrobial material, and a silky cover to top it all off, the Pillow Cube doesn’t necessarily have to be used just during bed time. In fact, it's great for traveling and meditating. Plus, it isn’t designed just for your head—Pillow Cube can be used between your legs, within your arms, or as a seat cushion.

Pillow Cube

The pillow comes in two different sizes, so you can take your pick: There’s the 7-inch Pillow Cube, recommended for people with broader shoulders, and the 5-inch Pillow Cube, for people with narrower shoulders.

With 21 days left in its campaign, the Pillow Cube has already exceeded its goal of $10,000, raising over $14,000 as of July 11. By pledging $50 or more, you can get your 5-inch pillow ($55 or more for 7-inch) on KickStarter. Shipping is scheduled for October.

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