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The Weird Week in Review

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Washington County Sheriff's Office
Washington County Sheriff's Office / Washington County Sheriff's Office

Guilty Beyond the Eyeshadow of a Doubt

Brandy Allen’s mugshot may be in itself incriminating, as the Arkansas woman is accused of shoplifting $144 worth of makeup.

When Allen was confronted after stuffing the makeup into her bag, she unleashed a slew of profanity while attempting to damage the eyeshadow as she pulled it from her purse, so it’d seem the products were used, police said.

The incident occurred on Monday. By Wednesday, police said that Allen was released on bond. You have to wonder what color she’ll be wearing to her next court hearing.

School Fire Occurs During Fire Drill

God's Bible College staged a fire drill Tuesday morning to show incoming students what to do in case of a fire. It turned out that it was a case of fire! The Cincinnati Fire Department was on hand for the drill, and before they left, one of the firefighters spotted smoke coming from the roof. A fire was found on the third floor of the building, and was completely extinguished within 15 minutes. The fire, sparked by a bathroom exhaust fan, caused around $5,000 damage. It could have been a lot worse if the fire department hadn’t already been on the scene.

Robin Hood Monkey Distributes Stolen Cash

In the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, monkeys run wild because Hindus consider macaques sacred. The monkeys often cause havoc, knowing they will not be harmed. On Sunday, one monkey entered a home in the state capital of Shimla and, finding no food available, grabbed about 10,000 rupees cash ($165). It then climbed to a roof to play with the money, and then began throwing it at people. There was a rush to catch the money, as you would expect. The monkey moved to the trees, but a crowd of people followed, trying to catch the money as it was thrown. The monkey appeared to be enjoying the attention. There is no word of whether any of the cash was returned to its original owner.

Vigilante Justice for Duck Rustlers

A pair of teenage boys were forced to pay for stealing ducks with a unique punishment meted out by locals in a small village in Guangxi province, China.

Locals forced the two teenage boys to kneel by the side of the road holding two of the dead ducks in their mouths. The 14-year-old crooks then had dead birds slung round their necks by their legs as they walked through a village in southern region of Guangxi.

Local police say the villagers should have called them about the thefts, but villagers say the police are useless because of slow response time.

Hand-drawn License Plate Will Not Do

A Massachusetts state trooper pulled over Johanna Baez-Rodriguez near Springfield on Tuesday morning because her license plate didn’t look right. The license plate was hand-drawn with colored pencils on a piece of white cardboard. Baez-Rodriguez had made the replacement plate herself after the state had revoked her vehicle’s plate. She was charged with driving on a suspended license, driving on a revoked registration, and other charges.

Human Skull Donated to Goodwill

Employees at the North Lamar Goodwill store in Austin, Texas, received a shock as they sorted through donations in July. Someone had donated a skull -a genuine human skull. The Austin Police Homicide Unit responded, and the skull was turned over to the Medical Examiner’s office. Police announced this week that there doesn’t seem to be any hint of foul play, and that the skull is wired together in such a way as to indicate it was an anatomical specimen.