Beautiful Bowling Balls Dance in Waves

Chris Higgins
YouTube / Maria Ikenberry
YouTube / Maria Ikenberry / YouTube / Maria Ikenberry

A "pendulum wave" is a series of pendulums arranged in a row, hanging at different lengths. You may have seen them as desk toys (not the click-clack balls; these swing the other way), or at a science museum. But below, we see an awesome wave pendulum made with bowling balls, complete with little chimes the balls hit as they swing, making both mesmerizing visuals and wind-chime-like music. It's fun to watch the wave form, mutate, and re-form. Physics in action, folks! Enjoy:

Jeff Goodman made this one, and it's possible to make a small version at home if you're handy. There's also a nice FAQ in the YouTube description for the video above.

See also: our coverage of smaller versions in 2013, including lots more hypnotic video.

(Via Popular Science.)