What Smart TV Looked Like in 1995

Chris Higgins
YouTube / The Computer Chronicles
YouTube / The Computer Chronicles / YouTube / The Computer Chronicles

If you've been TV shopping lately, you've seen "Smart TVs," which run apps on an embedded computer, reducing the number of boxes you have to plug in to access things like streaming video. Things were a little different 19 years ago. In 1995, Computer Chronicles took a look at cutting-edge Smart TV technology. Strap yourself in, it's gonna get grainy:

At the 18-minute mark, the AVI and MPEG-1 video formats are explained. Today I'm watching a streaming version of a 1995 TV show using MPEG-4 video via a cable modem. Not too shabby.

Also fun, at 22:17 we hear about a beta test of "Windows '96" and at 23:20 we see a cell phone strapped to a laptop for the world's first "mobile videoconferencing." Yikes.