In the Know

The Atlantic has a brief history of the famous series of “The More You Know” PSAs.


Your Freaky Neighborhood Spider-Man

These are the oddest, creepiest incarnations of Spider-Man.


On the Brain

How much does your brain know about itself?


Breaking News

Univision created their own adaptation of Breaking Bad. It’s a much shorter, but very similar show called Metástasis. This post has some shot-for-shot comparisons of different scenes in the two series. Also, there’s a short Walter White easter egg on the Godzilla DVD.


Cell Secrets

There are always secret features of each Apple operating system. Here are 10 of them for iOS 8.


Dreams Come True

Six-year-old Addison, who has leukemia, got her Make-A-Wish dream granted. She wanted to meet a unicorn, and her reaction is the best.


Cult of the Internet

More than 17 years after the Heaven’s Gate cult committed mass suicide, their website remains online.