5 Brilliant Stop-Motion Animated Films By PES

Chris Higgins
YouTube / PESfilm
YouTube / PESfilm / YouTube / PESfilm

PES is Adam Pesapane, a filmmaker whose best-known work is stop-motion animation. His 2012 film Fresh Guacamole (shown below) is the shortest film ever nominated for an Academy Award. I got to see some PES films in person over the weekend, and was blown away; if you've got just a minute or two, I promise these are worth your time. This is all real, fully analog, non-computer-generated imagery, shot over many days.

Fresh Guacamole

My favorite part: dicing the onion.

Western Spaghetti

A precursor to Fresh Guacamole, you can see how some similar ideas are at play here.


Beware the deadly peanut. Oh, and there's a making of video for this one.

Game Over

Pac-Man's death is curiously satisfying.

The Deep

Moody, dark, awesome.

Tons More

If you liked that, just check out PES's website or his YouTube channel.