These Waterproof Sneakers Are Made From Recycled Coffee

Rens / Rens
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Many people don't give a second thought to where their old coffee grounds go after tossing them in the trash. That isn't the case with the folks behind Rens, a new shoe brand now fundraising on Kickstarter. The stylish sneakers are made from recycled coffee and water bottles—and they're 100 percent waterproof.

While brainstorming ideas for a sustainable sneaker, the founders of Rens discovered they could spin high-tensile thread from old coffee grounds. Not only is this material better for the environment, but it offers some remarkable benefits to wearers as well. Fabric made from coffee is naturally odor-fighting and antibacterial. By combining the coffee with recycled water bottles, the team was able to create a shoe that's also lightweight, breathable, and totally resistant to water. (It's similar to the technology behind the Evolution hoodie, a sweatshirt that's also made from coffee grounds and used water bottles.)


Rens sneakers are made to be worn in any environment. The material blocks UV rays and dries quickly, making it a perfect match for long hikes through harsh or wet terrain. The shoe stops water from the outside from leaking in, while still allowing moisture from your feet to escape the breathable membrane. Even if you're not planning on hiking through a stream or working up a sweat, you can wear the sleek, laceless sneakers to your casual office or a lunch with friends.

The Rens Kickstarter campaign launched on June 26, and reached its funding goal in less than 24 hours. You can order a pair for $89 before the campaign ends on August 15, with shipping estimated for November.


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