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Lort Smith
Lort Smith / Lort Smith

Surgery for Pet Goldfish

Last week, Dr. Tristan Rich at Lort Smith Animal Hospital in North Melbourne, Australia, performed surgery to remove a tumor from a goldfish. The hospital explained the procedure in a Facebook post

Dr Tristan Rich, head of Lort Smith’s exotic and wildlife vet team, set up three buckets – one with a knock out dose of anaesthetic, one with a maintenance level of anaesthetic, and one with clean water as the recovery unit. Once George was asleep, Dr Tristan ran a tube from the maintenance bucket which was being oxygenated, into George’s mouth, so that the water with the maintenance dose of anaesthetic washed over his gills. Dr Tristan worked quickly to remove the large tumour, although the size of it meant that he had to use a gelatine sponge to control the bleeding during surgery. The size of the wound meant it was difficult to seal, so Dr Tristan put in four sutures then sealed the rest of the wound with tissue glue.

The goldfish, named George, is ten years old. The surgery to remove the tumor from the fish’s head is the first of its kind for Lort Smith, and possibly anywhere.

Dangerous Cheese Theft

Thieves made off with 1.3 tonnes of “Alp Sücka” cheese from a factory in Liechtenstein. It was a crime of opportunity, as the cheese had been left unguarded while the producers were preparing to destroy it. Inspectors had found the batch of cheese was infected with listeria monocytogenes, a potentially deadly bacteria. Officials are concerned that the 236 wheels of cheese may find their way into the market, which would be a public health hazard. A warning was issued for people to avoid eating any Alp Sücka cheeses bought after September 9th.

770-pound Colossal Squid

A huge Colossal squid, caught by fishermen in the Antarctic, is only the second intact specimen of the species recovered from the sea. The squid was frozen, and has been studied by scientists at the Te Papa museum in Wellington, New Zealand. They say the squid is a female, and contains eggs. It weighs around 350 kilograms (770 pounds) and has intact eyes that measure 35 centimeters (13.7 inches) in diameter. The only other intact Colossal squid found was also brought to the Te Papa museum, in 2008. The new squid will be preserved for further study. Colossal squid in the wild are estimated to grow up to 500 kilograms.

Drunken Man Worked Off His Frustration by Shooting AK-47

Volusia County deputies were called to a neighborhood in Deltona, Florida, because of a man firing an AK-47 rifle Tuesday morning.

Frederick Wenzel IV said he was upset because he’s 28 and had to move back in with his parents, so he drank several beers before taking a walk with his firearm in tow, according to a sheriff’s charging affidavit. Multiple residents of homes on Joyner Drive told deputies they could hear the gunshots and a man yelling about 5:30 a.m.

Wenzel said he wasn’t going to hurt anyone, but he considered shooting the police dog that was looking for him. Wenzel no longer has to stay with his mother; instead he is at the Volusia County Branch Jail on six weapons charges.

Stolen Jaguar Recovered 46 Years Later

Ivan Schneider had a 1967 Jaguar XK-E, but it was stolen in 1968. U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents inspecting Port of Los Angeles cargo found the car, along with several other cars, in a cargo ship bound for the Netherlands just last month. The other cars recovered were stolen in 1988, 2002, and 2008, plus a 2014 model with illegal paperwork. Schneider, now 82 years old, plans to have the car restored, which may cost up to $100,000.

Thong-eating Dog Repeats His Mistake

Kaye Banks of Rotherham, Yorkshire, UK, had to take her pet Samoyed Brian to the veterinary hospital because he couldn’t digest his food. The dog underwent emergency surgery, and Banks was astonished to find that Brian had eaten several thongs: underwear belonging to her and her daughter. Four days later, the dog was sent home, where he immediately went to the laundry and swallowed another silk thong. Banks rushed Brian back to the vet, who gave him medicine to induce vomiting. The quick action saved Brian from another operation. The Banks now put underwear immediately in the washer, lest Brian find his favorite snack in a laundry basket again.