A Mash-Up Game of The Office and Cards Against Humanity Now Exists

Bernadette Roe
NBCUniversal, Inc.
NBCUniversal, Inc. / NBCUniversal, Inc.

Etsy shop Giraffe King Games just gave us a game we didn't know we needed: a mash-up of The Office and Cards Against Humanity. As reported by PopSugar, the game is not technically made by the folks behind the original Cards Against Humanity, but rather a serious Dunder Mifflin aficionado who knew the combination would make for an irresistible game night. 

The cards are filled with classic Office jokes and references to the cast, with quotes and scenarios like, "DID I STUTTER?!," "Getting stuck in a conversation with Kelly," "Sticking your sweaty feet in the communal ice machine," "Snip snap snip snap snip snap!," and "Meredith's casual Friday dress." 

The game, which the creator calls Paper Against The Office, comes with 36 black cards and 144 white cards and can be bought here for $30.99 (there's also a second part to the game sold separately, just in case you don't get your fill from one). And if you want your game nights to include even more humor, Giraffe King Games also sells Parks Against Recreation, which is all about Parks and Recreation.

So put on a big pot of chili and prepare to relive the wonder that is life at Dunder Mifflin over and over again.

[h/t PopSugar]