A Tool to Help You Jumble and Remix the Internet

Rebecca OConnell
coubmixer.com / coubmixer.com

Nowadays, nothing over 10 seconds is worth watching online (except for the Mental Floss Video Channel, of course!). Coub, the solution to the great Gifs With Sound debacle, understands this, and offers viewers a steady stream of ten-second clips to peruse. Users are provided with tools to splice together footage from websites like YouTube and Vimeo and create bite-size clips that can be "recoubed" by others. The products range from beautifully creative, to absurdly silly.

If that weren't enough, there's Coubmixer, a platform that allows users to take up to six pre-existing Coubs (or ones you made specifically for this occasion) and play them together. You can stop and start the individual clips and pretend you're an internet DJ. The twitchy, jumbled product is somewhat reminiscent of internet relic YTMND, but somehow more coherent and fun. To get a feel for what I'm talking about, check out the characters of Adventure Time singing "Call Me Maybe."