KLM Uses a Beagle to Deliver Lost Items to Passengers

Rebecca OConnell

UPDATE: It looks like we'll have to wait a lot longer for our own Sherlock— the whole thing was an adorable ruse. 

Traveling by airplane can be an exhausting and terrible experience, but Sherlock the beagle is there to make it a little better.

Royal Dutch Airlines' furriest new employee has the unique task of hunting down passengers who forgot a personal item on the plane. Beagles have incredibly powerful noses and can recognize nearly 50 distinct odors; using this ability, the pooch can find the owners of lost items, even in crowds. The little delivery dog is part of a new lost and found team created in response to a large number of requests for missing items. Besides releasing the beagle, crew members also use seat numbers, phone numbers, and social media to help track down the owners of misplaced gadgets.

Unfortunately, Sherlock is only located at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport, but judging by all the delighted reactions of passengers, this trend could take off.

[via CNN]