CamelBak’s Ingenious Reign Sport Bottle Lets You Douse Yourself With Water When It Gets Too Hot


During virtually any activity on a blistering summer afternoon, it’s almost impossible to resist the urge to drench yourself in the cold, revitalizing contents of your water bottle. If you do this with a normal bottle, however, you might end up soaking the ground more than yourself. Enter CamelBak’s new Reign Sport Bottle, which is designed to give you the on-the-go miniature shower you need to make sure your walk in the park is a walk in the park.

The Easy Squeeze Jet Valve has three settings: Completely closed to prevent spillage; open to one stream of water for drinking; and open to several streams of water to pour on your face, your head, and/or your friend. With the high-flow stream, your mouth doesn’t even have to touch the water bottle, which is perfect for germ-wary companions. There’s also a grip pad to prevent condensation or sweat from causing the bottle to slip from your hands.

CamelBak Reign Sport Bottle

It’s engineered from CamelBak’s signature Trutaste polypropylene with Hydroguard, so your water will taste like water, not chemicals or plastic. Speaking of chemicals, it’s BPA-, BPS-, and BPF-free, so your environmental conscience can breathe a sigh of relief, too. And if you already own a Podium or Peak Fitness bottle from CamelBak, feel free to use this tri-mode cap on it, too.

If you’ve watched any outdoor, hot-weather sports games, you might’ve noticed that athletes often douse themselves with water from their bottles, and it’s definitely true that the Reign Sport Bottle was developed with sports in mind. But the sun doesn’t discriminate, and even stationary sunbathers can make use of such a versatile tool.

You can purchase the $15 bottle in a lime green/sky blue hybrid from Amazon, or in red, black, orange, royal blue, navy blue, or forest green from the CamelBak online store.

Just remember to wash it daily.

Tom Brady Makes Nearly $1.5 Million Per Hour of Playtime—Which Is Only a Fraction of the NFL’s Highest Paid Quarterbacks’ Earnings

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady during the AFC Wild Card Playoff game in January 2020.
New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady during the AFC Wild Card Playoff game in January 2020.
Elsa/Getty Images

Each week during football season, NFL quarterbacks face heaps of high-stakes pressure as millions tune in to watch them try to lead their teams to victory—or at least avoid getting blamed for bad passes. It’s by no means an easy job, but at least it pays well.

To find out just how well, AT&T affiliate All Home Connections analyzed the salaries and playing times of all the first-string quarterbacks from the 2018 NFL season. Even if you knew they were raking in piles of cash for every second they spent on the field, you might not have realized just how much.

If you’re looking for ways to justify despising Tom Brady, here’s one: He earns about $1.5 million for every hour of playtime. However, as any devoted New England Patriots fan will tell you, Brady is far from the highest-earning quarterback in the league, and he’s accepted lower base salaries throughout his career so the Patriots can use that extra money to build a championship-winning team around him.

When it comes to playtime earnings, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo beat Tom Brady and every other quarterback by millions—he landed in first place with an average of more than $27.6 million per hour on the field. Compared to Garoppolo, the $8.8 million of runner-up Aaron Rodgers practically seems like pocket change. Most of the other quarterbacks earn somewhere between $1 million and $4 million per hour of playtime.

Part of the reason it looks like Garoppolo out-earned his peers so spectacularly is because his total playtime for the 2018 season was much lower than everyone else’s, due to a knee injury he suffered during the third game of the season. For this study, All Home Connections added up each quarterback’s total number of snaps and multiplied it by their offense’s average seconds per play to estimate their overall playing time. Then, they divided that number by the quarterback’s 2018 salary. Since Garoppolo’s overall playing time was only about 1.5 hours, he got more buck for his bang. Brady, by comparison, clocked about 10 hours of playtime during 2018.

See the full breakdown here, and get ready for Super Bowl LIV with these fascinating Super Bowl facts.

[h/t All Home Connections]

Heinz Might Pay Your Flight Change Fee if Your Favorite NFL Team Didn’t Make the Super Bowl

Vitor de Souza/iStock via Getty Images
Vitor de Souza/iStock via Getty Images

After an especially thrilling playoff season, Super Bowl LIV is officially set: It’s a showdown between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers, happening on Sunday, February 2, at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida.

For any Chiefs or 49ers fan who booked a plane ticket to Florida before the teams had secured their spots, give yourself a pat on the back. For fans of a different team who booked tickets in advance, only to watch your team lose spectacularly during a playoff game, Heinz is here to help.

According to Yahoo Finance, the food company will cover the flight change fee for 300 lucky people who’d like to reroute their Miami-bound flights over Super Bowl weekend. In order to qualify, your flight had to have been booked before midnight on January 15, 2020; it must be on a domestic airline; and the destination had to have been Miami International Airport between January 29 and February 2, 2020.

If you can check all those boxes, snap a photo of your ticket confirmation and head to to enter the contest. All you need to do is fill in your name and email address, upload your image, and press “Submit.” It’s open until February 7, and winners will be notified by email on or around February 10.

If you win, Heinz will issue you a prepaid Visa gift card for the amount of $199.43 to reimburse you for the cost of your flight change. That will almost cover a fee of $200, except for 57 cents—a call-out to Heinz’s “57 Varieties” slogan.

Enter here, and gear up for the game wherever you are with 53 Super Bowl facts here.

[h/t Yahoo Finance]