Back to Back to the Future

Jamie Benning is hard at work on a brand new filmumentary on Back to the Future. Here is a clip where he explores the difficulty of pulling off the film’s opening sequence.


Well Played

These are 29 of the best smartass responses you’re sure to find anywhere.



Check out John Malkovich recreating some of the most iconic photographs of all time. Contains some NSFW content.


The Headline Got Me

How do you not click on an article called “Watch This Squishy Robot Get Run Over By A Car”?


The Man Behind the Toons

The Simpsons actor Hank Azaria talks about voicing the assorted characters of Springfield.


Get Hooked

NBC’s next stage-to-TV production, Peter Pan Live, will take place in December. Here is a first look at Christopher Walken as Captain Hook.


Silent Insanity

Can utter and all-encompassing silence actually drive you crazy?