Meet Tom


Today's Think Thursday Brain Game introduces you to Tom. Can you figure out Tom's likes from the clues revealed? Good luck!

Tom likes the XYLOPHONE, but not the TRIANGLE. He prefers TUNA to SALMON. He'd rather meet a GHOST than a VAMPIRE. He enjoys playing OPERATION, but not SCRABBLE. And he'd eat DELI food before visiting a SUSHI bar. Based on these clues, which of these three is Tom's favorite time of day? NOON, DUSK, MIDNIGHT

Here is our ANSWER. 



Tom likes things that begin with consecutive letters of the alphabet. So he prefers XYLOPHONE, TUNA, GHOST, OPERATION, and DELI. Naturally, his favorite time of day is NOON.

These types of puzzles tend to lend themselves to alternate answers, so if you came up with one you feel deserves consideration, share it with us in the comments. Thanks for playing!