This Handy Laundry Bag Will Keep Your Sneakers From Clanging Around in the Washer and Dryer

Vladimir Sukhachev/iStock via Getty Images
Vladimir Sukhachev/iStock via Getty Images / Vladimir Sukhachev/iStock via Getty Images
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The ungodly racket that reverberates through your very soul when you toss your sneakers in the washer or dryer might make you decide that you’re better off just wearing them filthy. But with the Household Essentials Wash and Dry Bag, you don't have to settle for soiled sneaks.

Just place your shoes in the white mesh bag, and then use the Velcro straps to attach it to the door of a front-loading washer or dryer, where the bag will keep your shoes in place while the machine continues with business as usual. It doesn’t just solve the noise problem—it also prevents your shoelaces from getting twisted (whether or not you’re using that mysterious extra set of holes).


If you’re not a sneakerhead and feel like you couldn’t possibly need to wash shoes more than a few times a year, think about other items you can throw in the bag. Bras? Other delicates? Socks? (It'll also help you kick the annoying habit of always losing that one sock in the dryer.) You can also use the bag as a regular garment bag, unattached to the door and free to spin around the interior of your washer or dryer without making any noise.

The 15-by-16-inch polyester bag is the perfect size for sneakers of most (if not all) sizes, and you can get it for just $7 from Amazon.

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