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The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

Carjacked at the Drive-through

Lisa Woods placed an order at the McDonald's drive-through window in Oklahoma City on Tuesday. Then a man yanked her car door open and demanded her car. She refused, and the man pulled her out of the car and sped off in it. Police later arrested 25-year-old Erik Aguilar when he crashed the car after a short police chase. McDonald's employees recognized the man as a would-be customer who approached the window earlier. They told him he couldn’t order food at the drive-through if he didn’t have a car. Later, when he stole the car, he left without ordering.

The Real Leg Lamp

Leo Bonten had to have his leg amputated. And he wanted to take his leg home to use it as a lamp. Really. His request stirred up some controversy in the Netherlands. At first the hospital said no.

However, Bonten was told that he could only get his amputated leg back after it had been buried to follow the letter of the law, which was costly never mind a bit ridiculous. Bonten refused and was initially refused the amputation by the hospital. It was eventually sorted out, but Bonten had to fight for a right he already had to keep his own leg and make the lamp he wanted. “The hospital didn’t have a leg to stand on,” says Bonten jokingly.

The leg was preserved by pathologist Frank van de Goot, and made into a lamp by designer Willem Schaperkotter. Bonten later said he said he was in dire financial need, and posted the lamp for sale on eBay, but the auction was pulled because the site forbids the sale of human body parts.

Kansas Will Be Prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback is expected to sign a proclamation today designating October as “Zombie Preparedness Month” in the state. Kansas citizens are urged to stock at least three days' supply of food, water, and other supplies in case of a zombie apocalypse -or other emergency. The governor’s office considers it a fun way to get people focused on emergency preparedness, no matter what the emergency. A cache of supplies would also help people be prepared for fires, tornadoes, or earthquakes. A representative said, “If you’re prepared for zombies, you’re prepared for anything.”

Groundhog Death Linked to NYC Mayor

The incident happened on February 2, but the report was just made public on Thursday: Charlotte the groundhog is deceased. Charlotte belonged to the Staten Island Zoo, where Mayor Bill de Blasio was the guest of honor at a Groundhog Day ceremony. The mayor dropped the animal during the ceremony. A week later, Charlotte was dead, and a necropsy found that she had died of internal injuries. The zoo tried to minimize de Blasio’s role in the incident, blaming Charlotte’s handler’s “weak placement” when handing the groundhog to the mayor.

Dog Saved by Doorbell

Henry is a 7-year-old border terrier who lives in Prestbury, UK. Earlier this week, he went down a rabbit hole and became stuck, unknown to his owner, Beverley Leonard. When she couldn’t find the dog, Leonard called the local fire department, but after looking for Henry for three days, the animal rescue unit had to abandon the search.

A crew member said that if Henry would just bark they would have much more chance. A distraught Beverley remembered that the one thing Henry did bark at was her doorbell. She raced home, ripped the door bell off her front door, grabbed the amplifier, raced back to the fields and played it into every rabbit hole they could find. “It must have been just about the last hole in the last field, and we were about to give up, when we heard him,” said Beverley.

The rescuers sawed through a bush and then dug down to reach Henry. Despite four days wedged in a rabbit hole underground, Henry is now doing fine.

35,000 Pounds of Rotting Chickens

A truck driver, hauling a load of frozen chicken, called his employers at Dixie River Freight and demanded a ransom for the cargo. The company declined to pay, so the driver uncoupled the trailer and left it at a truck stop in Missoula, Montana. The truck cab was reported stolen, but the trailer identification was never entered into a national database of stolen vehicles. Three weeks later, the abandoned trailer was reported to the Missoula County sheriff’s department. The thawed chicken carcasses were dripping fluid from the trailer and attracting flies. Now authorities are tasked with finding the best method of disposing of 35,000 pounds of rotting chicken flesh. Crews would rather not unload the chicken, but the trucking company would like to have its trailer back. Whether the truck will be destroyed or unloaded will be up to the insurance company.