The Molting, Mildly Revolting, Japanese Spider Crab

Chris Higgins
YouTube / Enoshima Aquarium
YouTube / Enoshima Aquarium / YouTube / Enoshima Aquarium

In this short timelapse video, we see a Japanese spider crab shed its old shell. The process rides the line between gross and amazing; for almost a minute it looks like not much is happening, then, boom, a brand-new crab sneaks out! Freaky, indeed. And check out the hordes of tiny crabs running around on the bottom of the tank.

It's worth mentioning that these things can grow to huge sizes in the wild, attaining weights over 40 pounds (!!) with a 12-foot claw-to-claw span. This is all by way of saying, I welcome our giant crab overlords. Enjoy six hours compressed into less than two minutes (without sound):

For a bit more on these crabs, check out this video showing "Britain's biggest crab":

(Via The Kid Should See This.)