Rejoice! The Official Bob Ross Coloring Book Is Getting a Sequel

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Many people consider Bob Ross their favorite art instructor, but without a personal supply of blank canvases and oil paints, it isn't always convenient to paint along with his TV show. Luckily, fans don't need an art studio with The Joy of Painting playing on a loop to make a version of the artist's masterpieces at home. With The Official Bob Ross Coloring Book: The Colors of the Four Seasons, you can make happy little trees and Prussian blue mountains with just a set of colored pencils.

The Colors of the Four Seasons is the second official coloring book based on the art of Bob Ross. The 65 artworks in the book are separated by season, and they're all taken from original Ross paintings. Soothing forests, beaches, and babbling brooks have been recreated in black outlines, and it's up to you to fill them in with color and bring the landscapes to life.


Of course, Ross's actual art is just part of his appeal. Viewers also watch The Joy of Painting for the inspiring mantras and words of encouragement he recites throughout each episode, and that's perfectly represented in this new coloring book. Most scenes are paired with their own Bob Ross quote. As you color, you'll be reminded to embrace the "happy little accidents" and "just let your imagination go."

The Official Bob Ross Coloring Book: The Colors of the Four Seasons comes out this September, and you can preorder it now for $14. And if you don't own it already, the original Bob Ross coloring book is currently available for $10.

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