If It’s An Action Movie…

...Chances are someone is going to utter the phrase “Let her go.” Contains some NSFW language.


Why Did This Take So Long?

These pumpkins are grown inside of a mold that makes them take on the shape of Frankenstein’s monster.


Boom Went the Dynamite Again

The TBS baseball crew has recreated the most famous sports broadcasting failure of all time, and they did a pretty good job.


Little-Known Pirate Lore

In honor of my beloved Pittsburgh Pirates in the playoffs tonight, let’s revisit five little-known pirate tales.


Super First Class

Here’s what it’s like to fly with a Singapore Airlines Suite Class ticket. And it only cost $23,000.


Inside SNL

James Franco has created a documentary that shows a week in the life of the people who write, produce, and star in Saturday Night Live. Here is what it reveals.


Jeering Jeeeeeeeeeeetaaaahhhhh!

Have you ever wanted to watch Will Ferrell scream at Derek Jeter for four long minutes? Well, you’re in luck.