17 Awesome and Weird Bill Murray-Inspired Products

Etsy / Etsy

Here at mental_floss, we love Bill Murray, who is always doing awesome stuff—so when I decided to brainstorm art for our newly renovated office, it wasn't hard to decide where to start. In the process, I discovered so many awesome Bill Murray-inspired things available for purchase, so I threw this list together. You're welcome!

1. You’re Awesome Journal, $10

This journal from Chronicle Books is peppered with more illustrations of Murray spouting affirmations of awesomeness. I currently have it sitting up against the books on my desk, as you can see above.

2. Nail Art Decals, $6

Regular nail polish is boring compared to these fabulous Murray decals.

3. Russian General, $25 - $56

If you've ever wondered what your favorite actor would look like as a Russian general, here's the answer. The original painting was by English artist George Dawe, who created more than 300 portraits of Russian generals during Napoleon's invasion.

4. Pinback Button, $2

Two things everyone loves on one fun button!

5. Collage, $63

This would look very nice on the walls of mental_floss's newly renovated office. 

6. Baby Bodysuit, $16

Your kid will be automatically cooler when he or she wears this adorable onesie, available in 11 colors.

7. I Heart Bill Murray Coasters, $35

These cherry-wood coasters, which come in a set of four, are an easy way to quirk up your coffee table.

8. iPhone Case, $35

A little Bill, a little Bowie. The combination works.

9. T-shirt, $20

Love puns, love this shirt. You can buy the original, by Andrew Gregory (also known as lunchboxbrain), for $15 here.

10. Pop Art Pillow, $19

Perfect for Warhol fans and Bill Murray devotees.

11. Flat Plans, $20

Build your own Bill Murray, and put on a little knit Steve Zissou hat!

12. Unicorn Print, $30

Like both Bill Murray and unicorns, this work of art is unique and beautiful.

13. Etch-A-Sketch Portrait, $90

The artist swears up and down that this portrait is frozen and won't be erased during shipping.

14. B. Rex Tote, $22

The only way that dinosaurs could have been cooler.

15. TuneSquad Jersey, $40

SpaceJam fans, this one is for you.

16. Night Light, $45

What better way to quell a fear of the dark?

17. Dr. Venkman Narwhal Print, $18

Most appropriate for Ghostbusters-loving marine biologists.