Sinister Laughs

These are the best comedy villains of the last two decades. Who's missing?


Time to Find One

Gizmodo presents a brief history of scientists hunting for time travelers.


Good Help Is Hard to Buy

Americans are being buried in medical debt. This article helps illustrate part of the cause.


Coming Soon: Tomorrowland

Check out the next upcoming film named after a Disney theme park attraction. It actually looks pretty interesting.


The Daily Funny: Get Out Of My House, Steve

Enjoy Key & Peele’s alternative history of how Urkel took over Family Matters. Contains NSFW language.


“There’s No Basement At the Alamo!”

The hilarious Jan Hooks passed away yesterday. Here is a list of five of her best SNL sketches, an additional one that I love, and one more look at her awesome cameo as Pee-wee’s tour guide.


Answer: 11 Things No One Tells You About Competing On Jeopardy!

What is it like to be on Jeopardy?