Jump Right In

You haven’t jumped into a pool until you’ve jumped into a pool like this.


Full Bodied

Wired explores the world of 3D printed body parts.


A Different Kind of Pong

What does a 12 year old kid who dislikes video games do for fun these days? This awesome kid figured out how to do these amazing things with ping pong balls.


Maybe You Tell Another Story?

I am passionate about the awful, awkward, inane stories that Jeopardy! contestants tell during the “getting to know you” section of the show. They are fantastic—and this is one of the greats.


Halloween Costume Ideas: Depp

Maybe you can go as Johnny Depp. This guy dressed up as all of his characters, all at once.


Wait, There’s More

Did you know that these book sequels exist?


Weird News: A Parrot Goes Missing...

Then returns years later speaking a new language. Seems like he had quite an adventure.