Dwight, Jim, and Prison Mike From The Office Are Now Funko Pop! Dolls

Hot Topic, Funko
Hot Topic, Funko

There's no limit to how many times you can rewatch The Office, but sometimes you have to press pause on your binge-watching session to take care of things like eating, sleeping, and going to your own less-entertaining job. For those moments when you don't have access to your Netflix account, you can now have the cast of The Office in Funko Pop! doll form to keep you company.

As ComicBook.com reports, the toy makers at Funko have designed a new line of vinyl figures modeled after your favorite characters from The Office, including Jim, Dwight, and Prison Mike. Many of the dolls include details fans of the show will recognize: Michael Scott is holding his World's Best Boss mug and Kevin is carrying a stockpot of chili. The Jim figurine comes in two different styles: One is his season 5 Halloween costume (a nametag that says "Dave"), and the other is his Facebook Halloween costume from season 6. The latter Jim is the rarer "chase" version and it will be sent to buyers randomly. Dwight, Pam, Darryl, and a Toby vs. Michael two-pack are also included in the line.

There's one more new Office Funko Pop! that isn't available to purchase with the other figures. On August 1, Hot Topic made its exclusive Prison Mike doll available on its Funko online store. This mean-mugging version of Michael Scott sports his signature purple bandana. (Dementor Funko Pop! figures are sold separately.) The product sold out quickly online, but it's also available to buy in person from Hot Topic shops.

The new Office Funko collection is now available to preorder, with a release date set for August 9. You can buy them from Amazon today.

Kevin from The Office Funko Pop! doll.
Amazon, Funko

Jim from The Office Funko Pop! doll.
Amazon, Funko

Dwight from The Office Funko Pop! doll.
Amazon, Funko

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This Course Will Teach You How to Play Guitar Like a Pro for $29

BartekSzewczyk/iStock via Getty Images
BartekSzewczyk/iStock via Getty Images

Be honest: You’ve watched a YouTube video or two in an attempt to learn how to play a song on the guitar. Whether it was through tabs or simply copying whatever you saw on the screen, the fun always ends when friends start throwing out requests for songs you have no idea how to play. So how about you actually learn how to play guitar for real this time?

It’s now possible to learn guitar from home with the Ultimate Beginner to Expert Guitar Lessons Bundle, which is currently on sale for $29. Grab that Gibson, Fender, or whatever you have handy, and learn to strum rhythms from scratch.

The strumming course will teach you how to count beats and rests to turn your hands and fingers into the perfect accompaniment for your own voice or other musicians. Then, you can take things a step further and learn advanced jamming and soloing to riff anytime, anywhere. This course will teach you to improvise across various chords and progressions so you can jump into any jam with something original. You’ll also have the chance to dive deep into the major guitar genres of bluegrass, blues, and jazz. Lessons in jam etiquette, genre history, and how to read music will separate you from a novice player.

This bundle also includes courses in ear training so you can properly identify any relative note, interval, or pitch. That way, you can play along with any song when it comes on, or even understand how to modify it into the key you’d prefer. And when the time comes to perform, be prepared with skilled hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, bends, trills, vibrato, and fret-tapping. Not only will you learn the basic foundations of guitar, you’ll ultimately be able to develop your own style with the help of these lessons.

The Ultimate Beginner to Expert Guitar Lessons Bundle is discounted for a limited time. Act on this $29 offer now to work on those fingertip calluses and play like a pro.


The Ultimate Beginner to Expert Guitar Lessons Bundle - $29

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How the Trapper Keeper Trapped the Hearts of '80s and '90s Kids

Courtesy of Cinzia Reale-Castello
Courtesy of Cinzia Reale-Castello

No matter when or where you grew up, back-to-school shopping typically revolved around two things: clothing and school supplies. And if you’re an adult of a certain age, you probably had a Trapper Keeper on that latter list of must-buy items.

Like the stickers, skins, and cases that adorn your smartphones and laptops today, Trapper Keepers were a way for kids to express their individual personalities. The three-ring binders dominated classrooms in the '80s and '90s, and featured a vast array of designs—from colorful Lisa Frank illustrations to photos of cool cars and popular celebrities—that allowed kids to customize their organizational tools. 

In this episode of "Throwback," we're ripping open the Velcro cover and digging into the history of the Trapper Keeper. You can watch the full episode below.

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